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SunPine praised for green transformation!

Pressmeddelande |2018-11-06

SunPine receives praise for its positive climate impact.
This year’s green transformation Climate Champion of the North:
“It gives the North Sweden Energy Agency great pleasure to congratulate SunPine for its 2018 Climate Champion of the North award!” says Katarina Delsing, CEO, North Sweden Energy Agency.

The North Sweden Energy Agency runs energy and environmental projects in Norrbotten and awards an annual environmental prize known as Climate Champion of the North.

“We present this award to spotlight the companies that enable others to achieve energy transition. They don’t often enjoyed the limelight,” says Inger E Pedersen, business development manager at the North Sweden Energy Agency.

The 2018 Climate Champion of the North prize was awarded to SunPine with the following jury motivation:

“Green Transformation – SunPine. For their work in providing us with a greener way forward. Their tall diesel will help reduce CO2 emissions on Swedish roads by 250,000 tonnes per year. Now they’re committed to increasing production by a further 50 per cent, which is a significant contribution towards the transition to fossil-free fuels.”

The Climate Champions received their award at the important energy conference “Refining the World in Norrbotten” on 6 November in Luleå at the Clarion Hotel Sense. David Lundman and Ulrika Hagman were present at the awards ceremony representing SunPine, where they received diplomas and applause.

David Lundman, Production Manager, SunPine:

“Naturally, it’s incredibly rewarding to represent a company that has contributed so palpably toward a climate-smart Sweden and being recognised in this way is a fantastic feeling. Who wouldn’t want to have ‘Climate Champion’ on their business cards?”

Ulrika Hagman, Project Manager, Investments, SunPine:

“It’s especially pleasing that they’re aware we’re currently investing and expanding our capacity at SunPine in Piteå. We’ll be able to increase our production of tall diesel, which is marketed by Preem under the name Evolution diesel as Sweden’s only Nordic Swan eco-labelled diesel.”

High resolution image:

Two happy Climate Champions – David Lundman and Ulrika Hagman, both from SunPine, after the Climate Champion of the North prize giving at the Clarion Hotel Sense in Luleå.

For further information:
David Lundman, Production Manager, SunPine:+46 70 109 18 07
Ulrika Hagman, Project Manager, Investments, SunPine: +46 70 588 55 49