Resin is used in ink, paint, tape and road markings

Green, sustainable resin produced from tall oil. Our resin is used by our customers as raw material in the manufacture of a variety of products. For example, our customer Lawter uses our resin for the production of printer’s ink.

Did you know that amber is fossilised rosin? People have used rosin for thousands of years for sealing boats and more recently in paint and the development of plastics.

Rosin, from the Latin resina, is a generic term for a secretion from conifers. Rosin consists of resin, i.e. the various saps that flow out of a tree.

Rosin has many fields of application; violinists rosin their bows with it, ballet dancers give their shoes better grip with it, and it’s used in the production of varnish and LP records.

SunPine has an annual rosin production capacity of 24,000 tonnes.


For SunPine safety is always in focus and we work actively to build Sweden’s safest workplace. Below you will find the safety data that applies to our Tall Oil Rosin.

Safety data sheet for Tall Oil Rosin