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From stench to scent

A sustainable product extracted from sustainable Swedish forestry. It’s an extremely pungent chemical which curiously enough is used in the creation of perfumes where fragrant substances are chemically attached to our skin.

Demand for crude sulphate turpentine is increasing on the international market. Not to be confused with the turpentine used as paint thinners, this chemical product is used within heavy industry as well as e.g. the manufacture of perfume.

SunPine produces around 2,000 tonnes of sulphate turpentine per year.


For SunPine safety is always in focus and we work actively to build Sweden’s safest workplace. Below you will find the safety data that applies to our Turpentine oil.

Safety data sheet for Turpentine oil

FAQ - Turpentine

Turpentine is a vegetable solvent used to dilute paint, varnish, oil, tar and to make various paint mixtures. Turpentine is volatile, essential oils that are a distillate from the forest, especially softwood and often pine.

The constituents of turpentine are used amongst other things in the majority of beauty products as well as in a mixture on an industrial scale where turpentine is used as a solvent and a diluent.

Yes, turpentine from SunPine is extracted from our sustainable Swedish forestry and is produced from tall oil which is a by-product of the forest industry.

Turpentine smells very unpleasant and has an incredible ability to stick to skin. It is this adhesive quality which makes it so ideal to use in perfumes for example, but only once the foul smelling sulphur compounds have been removed.

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