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From tall oil to perfume

SunPine delivers innovative and sustainable products based on tall oil, a sustainable residual product from pulp mills. From the product, we make pine diesel, bio-oil, rosin, turpentine and district heating.

Our products reach the world market in everything from Preem’s Evolution Diesel to fragrant perfume.

Tall oil is perhaps the most versatile of all forest products. It is for instance used in the production of biofuels and it can be fractioned into quantities of substances with different properties. In the production of biofuels, tall oil helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions significantly.

Tall oil often replaces fossil-based substances. It is everywhere in our everyday life – in soap, glue, tape, facade and wall paints and countless other products. Together with our owners and customers, we find more areas of use all the time.


Crude tall oil is produced from crude pine soap, which is extracted from black liquor from the pulp industry. Crude tall oil comes from the so-called extractives in the wood raw material and is called crude tall oil regardless of what type of wood the raw material consists of.
Crude tall oil is extracted by separating the crude pine soap from the black liquor in special liquor tanks. The raw pine soap is then treated with sulfuric acid to regenerate the various organic acids. The conversion from soap to tall oil is generally carried out at the pulp mills, while further processing is carried out at units other than the mills.
Crude tall oil contains valuable chemical substances, which can be further processed by distillation into various components such as fuel or “green” chemicals.


For SunPine safety is always in focus and we work actively to build Sweden’s safest workplace. Below you will find the safety data that applies to our crude tall oil.

Safety data sheet for crude tall oil

FAQ - Tall oil

Tall oil is a residual product that is extracted from black liquor in pulp mills. It is a collective name for the substances that come from the rosin. Others see it as a remnant, we see it as a future product.

At Sunpine, tall oil is refined into crude tall diesel.

Just like the Swedish origin of the name suggests tall oil is recovered from the forest via the pulp industry. Tall is Swedish for pine.

Crude tall oil is produced from tall oil soap, which is extracted from black liquor from the pulp industry. First, the soap is separated from the black liquor in liquor tanks and decanted off. The tall oil soap is then acidified to yield crude tall oil.

Tall oil is produced through sulphate pulp use. Tall oil is a residual product from the production of pulp.

SunPine currently extracts tall diesel, bio oil, rosin and turpentine from tall oil as well as the heat from the process which is sold in the form of district heating to consumers in the area.

Tall oil is a versatile product which thanks to its valuable chemical substances can be used for producing many things. For instance: biofuel, glue, tape, paint and perfume. Research is constantly being done to find new areas of use together with our owners and our customers.

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