About us

Always at the forefront.

We were born from the innovative power of a dedicated entrepreneur. Today, we are a world-leading biorefinery with a turnover of billions that develops and invests in new technology and products. Sustainability is the green thread in everything we do.

Welcome to SunPine.

We invest in people to develop the future

Our vision is to extract renewable products  for tomorrow’s society. From crude tall oil (a residue from pulp mills) we extract tall dieasel, rosin, turpentine and bio oil. From our surplus heating we deliver district heating.

SunPine was founded in 2006 and is owned by Sveaskog, Södra skogsägarna, Preem and Lawter. With this dream team that represents the entire production chain from idea to raw material and finished product – SunPine is facing a bright future.

SunPine is a world-leading biorefinery. Our business is based on a Swedish innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. SunPine’s business idea is to help our customers become more sustainable. “By using residue from the pulp industry, we make it easy for our customers to create sustainable products that they can be proud of”.

The goal is to further increase production volumes through continued expansion and to be a strong driving factor in the transition to a more sustainable society. We want to continue to create more innovative and sustainable products together with our employees and owners. This way, SunPine can make the world a little better in the near future.

Welcome to SunPine.

skog med träd och texten resten är framtid

Our philosophy

We all believe in different things. Some believe in fate, others in God and some put all their faith in Luleå Hockey. At SunPine we believe in one thing: don’t let anything go to waste.

We believe that waste and industrial residue can launch us into a better future. By utilizing residual products, we create possibilities for a sustainable society. That’s what drives us, every day.

What we do today, shapes tomorrow. That’s why we always take great care of the world around us, and each other. When we work together, we make a brighter future possible. And we’re curious about the future. We can’t know exactly what it holds – but that’s what makes it exciting. We never know if a small action on an ordinary Tuesday is going to be the start of something big.



The rest is future

Business concept

By using residual products from the industry, we make it easy for our customers to create sustainable products to be proud of


Through innovation and new technology we extract residual products from the industry to enable manufacturing of the sustainable products of the future