Sunpine’s technology is made to convert tall oil, a residual product from pulp mills, to  raw tall diesel, resin, turpentine and bio-oil.

SunPine has gone from being an idea to becoming a company that contributes to a better world and future. The journey has been possible thanks to many committed and knowledgeable people with the will and courage to dare to create something new and unique. It has been done in adversity and adversity, with faith in employees and opportunities, with respect for the environment and with nature as a renewable resource.

However, it all started with a molecule that wasn’t really meant to be found, and an idea that arose in the interaction between people.

The sulphate pulp mills’ residual product, crude tall oil, is heated in SunPine’s unique factory process and out of that process comes four chemical products: bio oil, turpentine, resin and pine diesel, and a bonus residual product – district heating.

The rest is future.


One raw material, many possibilities


Tall oil

SunPine’s world-leading bio-refinery supplies innovative and sustainable products that are based on tall oil, a residual product from pulp mills.