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SunPine employs process operators, maintenance technicians, cat lovers, production technicians, vegans, project managers, economists, Eurovision fans, laboratory engineers, gym nuts, administrators and process engineers. And we always want to be more.


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skog med träd och texten resten är framtid

One raw material, endless possibilities

Our manifesto

We all believe in different things. Some of us believe in fate, some in God. And we are some who believe in Luleå hockey. But what we have in common at SunPine is that we believe in the rest. We believe that it is precisely the remnants that can take us into the future in a nice way. Because by taking advantage of residual products that would otherwise have been wasted, we create the conditions for a more sustainable society. And that’s what drives us, every day.

We who work at SunPine always have the future on the periphery. We have understood that what we do today affects what we do tomorrow. That is why we care about our surroundings and each other. We are curious about the future and like to think long-term. We have also understood that it only works if we work together.

But we are also humble because no one knows exactly what the future holds. And we think that is part of the charm. Because maybe that’s exactly what happens on a regular Tuesday that’s the next big thing. The rest is the future.

Some people you will drink coffee and email with

Curious about life at SunPine? Lloyd, Elin, Thomas, Veronica and Niclas share their thoughts about the work environment, their challenges and what the vibe is like in the break room.



We long to meet the talents of the future! That’s why we offer students the opportunity to do their dissertations with us. We look forward to hearing from you.