Thomas E

Maintenance mechanic

Tomas Eriksson

My work is interesting, I develop as a person and our ideas are listened to.

After many years of working at SunPine, through another employer, Thomas took the next step in 2020 and became a real SunPiner.

-”It is an incredibly nice working environment and we are constantly trying to improve it.”

What does your job at SunPine entail?

I work as a maintenance mechanic at SunPine and my duties include the maintenance and servicing of equipment within the facility.

What motivates you in your job at SunPine?

My work is interesting, I develop as a person and our ideas are listened to.

How would you describe a day at work?

It can be anything from routine maintenance to servicing and repairing production equipment.

At the moment we are working on building up the workplace of the future. We are trying to optimize and develop our work methods. This means that we get a workshop and factory that will become more easily operated. It also means that our equipment should last longer.

We have a nice working environment that we are constantly trying to improve. We have high standards for clean and organized working areas. Every single thing has a place within the facility.

How is the atmosphere between colleagues?

At SunPine no one needs to be scared to express an opinion and it is a warm and familiar atmosphere. We all try to help each other and be there for one another when it is needed.

I have to say that I have wonderful co-workers who are happy and friendly, there is always time for a laugh.