Economy & Administration

Lloyd Frykvall

As a new employee you are welcomed immediately as a member of the group.

Lloyd started working at SunPine in November 2021.

What does your job at SunPine entail?
I work mostly with day-to-day accounting and invoices. I am also part of the monthly financial statements at the beginning of each month and have some administrative tasks. As I am an Englishman I have even been able to help translate some documents.

What is it that motivates you in your work at SunPine?
More than anything it is that SunPine works a great deal with the future and sustainability, that feels very positive. My colleagues are engaged and are happy when it goes well for the company which means that I also want to contribute as much as I can.

How would you describe the work environment?
It is really good. You can get help to make sure that the office area is as it should be so that you are working in the most comfortable and pleasant environment possible. If there is anything that can be improved at work then SunPine fixes it.

How is the atmosphere between colleagues?
My experience is that everyone can communicate with each other and even as a new employee you are welcomed immediately as a member of the group. We have a well-being group and a group for wellness which organizes different activities where everyone can take part if they want to.

If someone who was curious about working here asked you how it is to work at SunPine, what would you say?
The word pleasant comes to mind first. It is obvious that SunPine cares about the employees and I enjoy working here. It will be exciting to see how the company develops in the future and if you get the chance I would definitely recommend saying yes to being part of the journey.