Sunpine Stäng
From forest to green diesel and rosin


Tall oil is a residual product from the Kraft pulp process used in the paper industry. Tall oil is the basis for production of SunPine’s renewable products.

Sustainable forestry is Sweden’s oil reserve. Despite our having felled four times the number of trees that we had 100 years ago, we have today twice as much forest. This is the result of planting two or three trees for every tree felled.

Forestry supplies raw materials to sawmills that provide the construction industry with building materials, and to the Kraft pulp mills that generate crude tall oil, CTO, which is SunPine’s raw material.

CTO, the residual product from Kraft pulp mills, is heated in SunPine’s unique process and from it four chemical products are extracted – bio-oil, turpentine, rosin and tall diesel – plus a bonus residual product, district heating.

SunPine’s tall diesel is supplied to Preem, which uses it to produce the world’s only Nordic Swan eco-labelled diesel – Preem Evolution Diesel – a fuel with uniquely sustainable characteristics thanks to tall diesel.