We extract the sustainable products of the future by utilizing residual products from the industry.

Why choose SunPine?

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  • We recycle industrial spill 

  • Renewable 

  • 2nd generation biofuel 

  • Reduces emissions by up to 90% (CO2) 

Our products

One raw material, many possibilities


From raw tall oil to perfume

SunPine delivers innovative and sustainable products based on tall oil, a sustainable residual product from the mills. From that we make raw tall diesel, biooil, rosin, turpentine and district heating.
Our products reach the world market in everything from Preems Evolutions diesel to fragrant perfume.

One raw material, many possibilities

We invest in people to develop the future

Our vision is to extract renewable products for the society of the future. From crude tall oil, a residual product from the mills, we extract pine diesel, rosin, bio-oil, and more. Pine diesel is a biofuel with low emissions of carbon dioxide and low energy consumption during the product’s production and life cycle. Rosin is a raw material used in the manufacturing of, for example, printing ink and glue. SunPine was founded in 2006 and is owned by Sveaskog, Södra skogsägarna, Preem and Lawter. With this dream team that represents the entire production chain, from idea to raw material and finished product, SunPine faces a bright future.

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