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Production Manager

David Lundman

+46 911 23 28 00 david.lundman@sunpine.se

Strategy manager

Pernilla Kearney

0911- 23 28 00 pernilla.kearney@sunpine.se

HR Manager

Karin Forsmark

070-338 64 34 karin.forsmark@sunpine.se

R&D Manager

Valeri Naydenov

+46 911 23 28 00 valeri.naydenov@sunpine.se

Manager Quality, Safety, Environment

Eva Wuopio

+46 911 23 28 00 eva.wuopio@sunpine.se

Sales and Supply Director

Linus Romfelt

+46 911 23 28 00 linus.romfelt@sunpine.se

Project Manager

Johan Lundbäck

+46 911 23 28 00 johan.lundback@sunpine.se


All our activities must be characterized by high ethical standards and we are very keen to ensure that misconduct is detected and that action is taken as soon as possible.
We therefore encourage anyone who suspects misconduct to report it through our Whistleblowing function. You do not need to have proof, but the report should be made in good faith.

What can you report?
The misconduct must be in the public interest. This means that the suspicion of wrongdoing should concern a wider circle, which is considered to be the public and society at large. Misconduct includes direct acts or omissions, whether intentional or due to negligence.

You can choose to report your suspicions anonymously or with contact details. However, we encourage you to provide your name and contact details so that we can conduct the best possible investigation. You will receive an acknowledgement of receipt within seven days and feedback on the handling of the case within three months.

The investigation is strictly confidential and is handled with the utmost care.

Tell us, we appreciate it.