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January 29, 2021


SunPine invests in unequal sponsorship for a more equal sport.

To highlight unequal conditions in ice hockey and help girls and boys to have the same conditions to train, SunPine chooses to sponsor the girls in MSSK Hockey.

“In youth hockey, it is now easier to get ice time if your name is Alfred compared to if your name is Lisa. We want to change that,” says Lina Hörnemalm, Communications manager at SunPine.

Too few ice rinks and training times

Ice hockey is a popular sport among children and young people in Sweden, and Piteå is no exception. Today, therefore, there is great competition for the ice rinks.

“There are not enough ice rinks and therefore not enough training times for both boys’ and girls’ hockey to have access to reasonable training times. This means that some teams are deprioritized or get to practice on odd times of the day, says Lina and continues: – “Since the competition for training time is high, the girls tend to come in second hand”

Money for MSSK Hockey instead of the annual report

Every year SunPine presents an annual report, a large and important project for the company. This year they chose to make it as easy as possible and instead spend the money on MSSK Hockey.

“Instead of spending money on making a nicely designed annual and sustainability report, this year we have chosen to spend the money on something much more important – the girls in MSSK Hockey,” says Lina.

“We want to create equal opportunities for all.”

With its deliberately unequal sponsorship, SunPine hopes to create more equal conditions for girls in hockey.

“Team sport is really important; it teaches us to work together and work towards common goals. Therefore, we want to support all the talents of the future by highlighting these issues and creating equal conditions and equal opportunities for everyone to realize their dreams,” says Lina.

Lina Hörnemalm, Communications manager SunPine