April 7, 2022


In memory of our founder and friend Lars Stigsson

Lars Stigsson was a chemical engineer, visionary and a great entrepreneur who laid the groundwork for many successful ideas and companies. SunPine is one of them.

He himself described the story of SunPine like this:

“We saw the interest and industry grow. Many biodiesel factories were built on the continent, based on plant oils such as rapeseed oil and sunflower oil. I felt that there was a conflict here, partly because the oils were used as food raw materials, and partly because the production occupied arable land. “The rich man is running on the poor man ́s food “; Was my feeling.

So, through an idea, a perfect fuel molecule and the interaction between people, Lars saw his idea become a success story.

“You’re rolling a snowball. Along the way, you suddenly discover how big the snowball has become, and then it´s impossible to stop. Then it’s past the “point of no return” and then you must continue. But with inspiration, joy and the right people, you solve everything.”

In 2018, Lars stepped down as co-owner of SunPine:

“I will always have a big heart in SunPine, and I will always be associated with SunPine in some way. I am extremely proud of that.”

We will remember Lars’ innocent enthusiasm, drive, joy, and commitment with warmth.

To Lars’ family:

We are proud and grateful for the loan of Lars and his history in SunPine. We want to honor Lars by donating a gift to the Swedish Cancer Society. An important area of research for this and future generations.