February 14, 2020


David Öquist new SunPine CEO

SunPine has chosen its new CEO. David Öquist, who is currently Managing Director for Pireva in Piteå, takes up his post in May.
“Actually, joining SunPine is a bit of a dream.”

Today, David Öquist is the Managing Director of Pireva, Piteå Renhållning & Vatten AB, but in May he will take up his post as the CEO of SunPine.

Viveka Beckeman, Chairman of the Board of SunPine and Sveaskog’s general counsel:
“I have the pleasure to inform you that we have appointed David Öquist as our new CEO. David joins us from his position as Managing Director of Pireva AB. Prior to Pireva , he was Chief Commercial Officer at Wibax and before that, he held various positions with Sandvik.”
“We conducted a very thorough recruiting process with many extremely good candidates, and we’re convinced David will be a very good fit for SunPine. He takes up his post in May.”

David Öquist talks about his new position as SunPine CEO:
“I’ve watched SunPine over the years and I think it’s a fantastic company. The environmental issue is crucial, and SunPine’s contribution to society is very big indeed. Actually, joining SunPine is a bit of a dream.”
“No doubt my first challenge will be to lead us through the expansion that’s currently in progress, and then to continue creating the conditions for scaling up the business further to enable both our personnel and our company to grow.”

Peter Drugge, pro tem CEO until David Öquist takes up his post:
“This is going to be an intense year with the new plant expansion, a number of important investments in the existing plant, and the recruitment and induction of new employees.”
“Naturally, we’ll continue working in a structured, energetic manner so that David enjoys a smooth introduction to his new role as CEO of this fabulous company, SunPine AB.”