Process Operator

Peter Lundgren

You can tell the work environment has been a priority ever since the beginning, according to Sunpine process operator Peter Lundgren.
“We get the freedom to be ourselves,” he says.

SunPine – a great employer in every way!

For almost ten years, Peter Lundgren has worked as a process operator at SunPine – a job he’s very happy with.

Describe what you do as a process operator at SunPine.

My job as a process operator chiefly involves working on pre-emptive issues to make sure there are no problems in our processes. In other words, staying ahead of the game.

What is it about your job at SunPine that motivates you?

The company is in a constant process of change. We’re evolving all the time; for example, right now we’re expanding. It’s all so interesting! And I get to take part in a great deal in addition to my work as a process operator – I take part in other assignments too.

How would you describe your work environment?

It’s good. The camaraderie among the people who work here is great. Physically, out in the plant, it’s the high level of safety everywhere. There’s a true sense of being safe.

How’s the atmosphere between your colleagues?

Couldn’t be better! Light-hearted from time to time. Above all, we respect each other. We get the freedom to be ourselves. Our work environment has developed over the years. The goal has always been for it to be good in every way. We’ve come a long way and it’s taken a while to get here, but we’re getting better all the time.

If someone who was curious about working at SunPine asked you how things are here, what would you say?

That it’s a great workplace. My colleagues and the working environment are good, and the job is interesting and rewarding. And I enjoy working in shifts. SunPine is a great employer in every way.