Marie-Lousie Nordmark

A company that’s always advancing, and one that takes care of its people. So says Marie-Louise Nordmark about her workplace.
“SunPine is a company where everyone looks ahead,” she says.

I couldn’t ask for more!

Marie-Louise Nordmark has worked with administration and finances at SunPine since 2009 – over a decade.

What does your job at SunPine entail?

I’m in charge of payroll and take care of payments. In addition to the monthly accounts, I’m also very involved in reports of different kinds to various government agencies.

What motivates you in your job at SunPine?

Well first of all, the people here are very nice. My colleagues are simply fantastic, and that’s a pretty big deal. And then the job involves many great challenges. There are always new things to do, new things happening and at a pretty fast pace – both in the plant and in general. It’s action-packed, a company that’s truly evolving, and it’s a joy to see.

How would you describe the work environment?

I have a great work environment. I have all the equipment I need, and couldn’t ask for anything more. Although it’s a sedentary job, I have an office desk where I can stand, and an ergonomist even came here to make sure everything is set up correctly. I was very pleased and happy about that – it’s not something you get at every workplace. As an employer, SunPine is very generous towards its employees.

You touched on it earlier, but how’s the atmosphere between colleagues?

I’d say the atmosphere is a pretty happy one! There’s commitment and drive in the people here.

If someone who was curious about working here asked you how it is to work at SunPine, what would you say?

That it’s a great workplace. It’s a company that looks ahead. Quite a young workplace where people are very committed.