Sunpine Stäng

Tall diesel

In Sweden, we take a long-term view on our sustainable forestry. During its 70-year lifecycle we know that the forest absorbs most carbon dioxide when it is between 20–40 years old, and for every tree felled, two or three new ones are planted. We use crude tall oil, a residual product from Kraft pulp mills, as the raw material when processing our unique tall diesel, which Preem turns into the world’s only Nordic Swan eco-labelled diesel.


The tall oil we use is a residual product from the pulp industry and our energy efficient process turns it into unique tall diesel – a product that is sold to Sweden’s motorists via Preem as the only Nordic Swan eco-labelled diesel. Today, we produce 100 million litres of tall diesel and we have plans to expand. In terms of positive climate impact, today’s production reduces fossil CO2 emissions by 250,000 tonnes per year, or in simpler terms, equivalent to the emissions from 157,672 vehicles every year.

SunPine produces around 105,000,000 litres of tall diesel per year.

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