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SunPine teams up with VildaKidz

Pressmeddelande |2019-06-05

SunPine has chosen World Environment Day to team up with VildaKidz (wild kids) as a platinum sponsor.
“We want to support the fantastic work they do with kids in the county, and being able to do so through work that highlights the environment and sustainability feels right,” says Magnus Edin, SunPine CEO.

The children’s activities VildaKidz pursues in Norrbotten County have earned praise nationally and drawn international attention. In fact, VildaKidz were invited by no less than Mark Zuckerberg to a meeting at Facebook, but they declined as they had already booked projects to which kids had signed up. VildaKidz carries out various children’s activities all year round with the support of sponsors.

Anna Karlsson, VildaKidz:
“We’re proud to mark World Environment Day by presenting our new enabler for wild environmental work out among our schools. Just like us, SunPine in Piteå has earned praise as Climate Champions of the North, and it is stumping up SEK 50,000 to help our environmental work in preschools, schools and after school care centres around Norrbotten county, where we talk and carry out practical environmental tasks with the kids.”

“Children are our future, and so too is the environment, so this collaboration is really important and we’re so happy that Magnus Edin and his personnel have stepped up to help with this.”

Magnus Edin, SunPine CEO:
“This is not only a great way for us at SunPine to give back to the local community, but also to stimulate environmental issues among the young. Sustainability is a cornerstone in our business, and this includes social sustainability.”

The project will highlight various concrete climate-smart things we all can do in everyday life. These efforts are close to SunPine’s core business, as it produces green tall diesel, which reaches the market via Preem as the world’s only Nordic Swan eco-labelled diesel.


Stefan and Anna Karlsson shake hands with SunPine CEO Magnus Edin, who has decided to support VildaKidz children’s environmental education in preschools, schools and after school care centres around the county.