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SunPine’s Sustainability Award goes to Lindbäcks Group

Pressmeddelande |2018-11-10

Lindbäcks Group wins the SunPine Sustainability Award.
They will receive the award for their holistic approach to sustainability and their focus on gender equality in a traditionally male industry.
“Managing to go from 6 per cent to 20 per cent women is a giant stride,” declares jury chairman and SunPine CEO Magnus Edin.

Lindbäcks Group has established a sustainable approach throughout its business operation. Lindbäcks uses wood for construction as it is the only renewable building material. Increasing the proportion of wood in construction makes the building industry more climate smart. Multifamily dwellings built from wood emit 50 per cent less carbon dioxide during their total life cycle than houses with concrete frames.And the rational, efficient construction process in factories also minimises spill, wasted materials and energy. What’s more, the new factory is self-sufficient in solar energy and district heating.

So, when it was time to staff Lindbäcks’ new factory on Haraholmen, it was naturally also time to break with the industry’s predominantly male hierarchy and go for equal opportunity. This resulted in 20 per cent female staff compared to the 6 per cent at Lindbäcks’ first factory.

Magnus Edin, SunPine CEO and jury chairman:
“It took seven-league boots to go from 6 per cent to 20 per cent. This was one giant stride towards the government’s industry target of 25 per cent women by 2030. This is a palpable, inspiring advance, and worthy of praise and recognition.”

Why did Lindbäcks Group win and not Lindbäcks Bygg?
“Limiting the award to Lindbäcks Bygg would have ignored the big picture. Lindbäcks Group is more than just a construction company. Sustainability means looking at the whole, and Lindbäcks Group always does. They have a positive commitment to society at large,” says Edin, who continues:

“The award justification highlights their change process with its particular focus on gender equality in recruitment… ‘Change is difficult. It means breaking with established traditions and cultures. But… if we build sustainably from scratch, we achieve success.’ And they have certainly succeeded with their gender equality efforts.”

Linda Rosén, Lindbäcks Group CEO, is delighted with the award:
“It feels extra special that this award goes to all of Lindbäcks, to all of us who work in the company. And that we’re getting it for our sustainability efforts, since sustainability is one of our core values. It’s truly gratifying that our work is recognised in this way. Thank you!”

For Magnus Edin, the decision to present the Sustainability Award was an important one.
“Sustainability is part of our DNA at SunPine. We too endeavour in every way we can to be sustainable and deliver sustainable products. This prize seeks to promote other companies – businesses in the region that inspire and act as role models for sustainability. And by sustainability we mean every aspect of the concept, not just climate smart solutions that protect our environment, but also social sustainability and good long-term finances. For us, gender equality forms an important part of this, which is why we chose it as this year’s theme.”

The Sustainability Award was presented for the first time on November 9 at the Piteå Business Day Gala at Pite Havsbad, where the happy winner received a specially designed glass bowl from Linda Isaksson, Heta Hyttan in Piteå.

“She’s created an utterly unique glass bowl and she incorporates our tall diesel and rosin in the actual glass. Not only is it locally produced, it’s also unique,” says Edin.

The other two nominees will receive a diploma of honour:
SCA Wood, Munksund’s Sawmill, Lars Bogren
So, when it was time for the sawmill in Munksund to take on temporary summer staff, they decided to surpass SCA’s own 30 per cent target for female temps and go for 50 per cent. And they succeeded!

Piteå Science Park for Biobase, Helena Karlberg
Despite its technological and industrial focus, Biobase has unusually good gender balance. 39 per cent of the delegates were women, as were 39 per cent of the speakers. Piteå Science Park succeeded in something equally as difficult as it is self-evident by delivering quality and gender equality.

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