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SunPine new sponsor for Luleå Basketball!

Pressmeddelande |2018-09-24

SunPine sponsors Allis Nyström from Luleå Basketball. Yet another Swedish women’s sports commitment:
“Allis Nyström is a local talent who has emerged as a star and we’re pleased to support her and women’s basketball.”

World-leading bio-refinery SunPine’s clear sponsorship strategy is to promote equal opportunities in sport, so we work to strengthen the fundamental conditions for elite women’s sports teams, individual female athletes and events.

Magnus Edin, SunPine CEO:
“For us, sustainability means many things, not only constant improvements to environmental management but also social responsibility. We have long been involved in bolstering women’s sports in Norrbotten County. We seek to create a more even playing field for the young women who want to devote themselves to their sport.”

Among those who SunPine sponsors are the Swedish women’s Premier league football team, Piteå IF and Swedish women’s ice hockey league champions Luleå Hockey Munksund SSK.

Now the company is also stepping up as a sponsor for Luleå Basketball and as a player sponsor for Allis Nyström:

“She’s an excellent role model for young women in the county and a home-grown product who did things her way. We’re pleased to provide Allis and Luleå Basketball with our support,” says Edin, before adding:

“SunPine is in itself a local raw material refined into a world-leading product, our unique tall diesel, which via Preem is Sweden’s only Swan-marked diesel, so the sponsorship links up to us pretty well.”

Allis Nyström, Luleå Basketball:
“This is awesome. I didn’t know a great deal about SunPine before, but now that I do it’s absolutely great to have SunPine as a player sponsor, because as a company you stand up for what you do and deliver a product that makes the world a better place.”

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SunPine’s sponsorship commitments:
Piteå IF, Swedish women’s Premier league football.
Luleå Hockey Munksund SSK, Swedish women’s ice hockey league SDHL.
Allis Nyström, Luleå Basketball, Swedish women’s basketball league.
Infjärdens SK’s women’s football team.
Anna Magnusson, biathlete.
Sofia Henriksson, cross-country skier.

About SunPine:
SunPine is a world leader in the production of second-generation renewable fuels. The raw material is a residual product from pulp and paper manufacturing. Tall diesel from SunPine is mixed with Preem’s Evolution Diesel. SunPine produces 100 million litres of tall diesel every year thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 250,000 tonnes, equivalent to the emissions from 157,672 diesel cars. SunPine has annual sales of SEK 1.2 billion. SunPine is owned by Kiram, Preem, Sveaskog, Södra and Lawter.