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SunPine investing SEK 2.2 million for a better local environment

Pressmeddelande |2018-11-15

SunPine’s plant site has had recurrent problems with unpleasant odours.
Now it’s investing SEK 2.2 million to improve the local environment.
“We will naturally fix the odours that not only disturb everyone who works here, but also our neighbours,” says Magnus Edin, SunPine CEO.

SunPine’s plant on Haraholmen has had problems with unpleasant odours. During the year, SunPine carried out an investigation to find the sources of the fault and plan actions. Now that the investigation is complete, measures costing SEK 2.2 million have been approved.

Magnus Edin, SunPine CEO:
“We will fix what we’ve already identified, but we don’t know if this will solve everything. We will of course continue to implement more measures if necessary. But we naturally hope that this investment will make things a great deal better.”

The investment will lead to increased capacity in the treatment plant with numerous new extractors and technical solutions aimed at encapsulating any gas emissions.

“The unpleasant odours are of course unwelcome, and they naturally also disturb those of us who work at the plant. We can only express our regret. We will eliminate these troublesome odours as far as possible,” declares Edin, who continues:

“Our problems with unpleasant odours changed when we put the new plant in operation in December 2015. All of 2016 was a start-up year that focused keenly on making sure the rosin production process functioned. I’m satisfied that the investigation which began back in the first quarter of 2018 has now succeeded in identifying a number of specific areas where we can take action.”

“It may be difficult to understand, but the unpleasant odour does not come from our chimney, which only emits water vapour. The hard part is finding and identifying the gas leaks in such an extensive installation as hours,” declares Edin.

The SEK 2 million investment will cover such things as:

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