Sunpine Stäng

“SunPine sets a perfect example”

Pressmeddelande |2019-08-27

On Tuesday, the Government Committee on the Environment and Agriculture visited SunPine’s plant on Haraholmen in Piteå.
“It was a specific wish on our part to visit SunPine, which is a perfect example of how we can upgrade our active forestry,” said Kristina Yngwe, Centre Party, Chair of the Committee on the Environment and Agriculture.

Twenty-seven Swedish MPs arrived at SunPine on Haraholmen in Piteå to hear a presentation on sustainability efforts, climate benefit and how SunPine came into being. The presentation was followed by questions and answers and a guided tour of the plant – this despite the air of “excuse the mess, but we’ve got the builders in” as the company is right in the middle of an investment in a new laboratory, more office space and a second plant to increase tall diesel production by 50 per cent.

Magnus Edin, SunPine CEO:
“It’s naturally important for us that our politicians understand that Sweden’s forestry industry is sustainable and that for every tree felled two new ones are planted, or in Södra’s case, three. This is primarily a challenge in the EU, where many countries have already felled all of their forest.”
“And then it’s also important to understand that our raw material is a residual product from Kraft pulp mills. In other words, we don’t have to fell a single extra tree in order to produce tall diesel. So even though we’re building a new plant and increasing our volume by 50 per cent, this fact remains. There’s no need to cut down more forests for us to achieve our volume increase.”

In the questions and answers session, the politicians in the committee asked what kind of decisions SunPine would like to see.
“For us, the most important thing for you all to understand as decision-makers is that the day you give the OK to palm oil is the day we have to shut up shop. Everybody knows that palm oil production ravages agricultural land and causes problems. At the same time, there are heavyweight players advocating palm oil.”
“We recommend that we look at the totality of climate impact – from well-to-wheel, as we say – and evaluate the different alternatives on that basis.”
“Right now there’s also a decision which means the regulations do not favour investments like ours taking place here in Sweden. We obviously think this is wrong. We should create models that favour Swedish investments in this field.”

Kristina Yngwe, Centre Party, Chair of the Committee on the Environment and Agriculture:
“SunPine presents a great picture of the entire process and how it all fits together from forestry to end product, and how we all can think about working with the cycle and sustainability every step of the way. I think I can say that SunPine sets a perfect example, so it means a great deal to us to visit the factory to learn how they work.”

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