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Nominees for the SunPine’s Sustainability Award

Pressmeddelande |2018-10-23

We seek to promote, in the fullest sense of the word, companies that make significant contributions to environmental management, climate-smart energy advances, social responsibility and economic efforts to combat poverty.
The award is conferred by SunPine.

Nominees for 2018:

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Lindbäcks Group,
Linda Rosén, CEO.

Lindbäcks Group has established a sustainable approach throughout its business operation. Lindbäcks uses wood for construction as it is the only renewable building material. Increasing the proportion of wood in construction makes the building industry more climate smart. Multifamily dwellings built from wood emit 50 per cent less carbon dioxide during their total life cycle than houses with concrete frames. And the rational, efficient construction process in factories also minimises spill, wasted materials and energy. What’s more, the new factory is self-sufficient in solar energy and district heating. So, when it was time to staff Lindbäcks’ new factory on Haraholmen, it was naturally also time to break with the industry’s predominantly male hierarchy and go for equal opportunity. This resulted in 20 per cent female staff compared to the 6 per cent at Lindbäcks’ first factory. A giant stride toward the government’s industry target of 25 per cent women by 2030.


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SCA Wood, Munksund’s Sawmill,
Lars Bogren, Sawmill Manager.

SCA is literally rooted in sustainable Swedish forestry. Responsible, long-term efficient use of renewable forest resources is sustainable per se. When SCA Wood processes forestry products, it does so using a climate-smart process that guarantees a sustainable offering to builders’ merchants and industrial customers alike. So, when it was time for the sawmill in Munksund to take on temporary summer staff, they decided to surpass SCA’s own 30 per cent target for female temps and go for 50 per cent. And they succeeded!


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Piteå Science Park for Biobase,
Helena Karlberg, CEO.

Biobase was established as an international conference on the subject of bio-based, circular economy here in Piteå. A network of influential stakeholders from the forestry industry, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Luleå University of Technology and a number of local, regional and national players created a meeting place – lauded by government ministers and dignitaries – for decision-makers and business developers. But in a spirit of sustainability, conference participation was unusually equal, despite the focus on technology and industry – 39 per cent of the delegates were women, as were 39 per cent of the speakers. Piteå Science Park succeeded in something equally as difficult as it is self-evident by delivering quality and gender equality.