Sunpine Stäng


The company was founded by entrepreneur Lars Stigsson, who in turn sold the concept to Sveaskog, Preem and Södra Skogsägarna, who each put up SEK 100 million in order to build a full-scale plant.

The first employees were taken on in 2007 and the environmental permit was approved in 2008. Construction of a new plant began in 2009.

Production of tall diesel began in May 2010 and the first deliveries to Preem were made in October that same year.

During the years up until March 2013, efforts largely concerned the removal of bottlenecks and achieving a stable production. The plant reached its planned capacity in 2013, which was also the first year the company made a profit. In all, the initial investment amounted to around SEK 350 million.

In the spring of 2014, a press release was issued informing that SunPine would upgrade the plant for the manufacture of a new product – rosin. Rosin is an existing product on the global market that is not dependent on political decisions. The investment sought to provide the company with another string to its bow and to increase profitability. The company Lawter, owned by Harima Chemicals in Japan, became a new shareholder. The new production plant came on stream in December 2015. The investment for upgrading the plant and to enable the manufacture of rosin totalled around SEK 210 million.

The following year 2016 can best be described as a start-up year with recurring production stoppages and a number of supplementary actions. Toward the end of 2016, the company’s internal organisation had succeeded in creating stable production with good reliability. The strategies, direction and development work invested beginning May 2013 were crowned with success during 2017. Our goals were achieved and the entire plant and organisation exceeded expectations.