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Working with sustainability is fun

SunPine donates SEK 10,000 to children of the world

SunPine is committed to a sustainable society at several levels.

For example, in autumn 2015, SunPine donated SEK 10,000 to Världens Barn in connection with P4 Norrbotten’s and Radiohjälpen’s fundraiser.

In addition to this, SunPine is also a gold sponsor in the Lagkamrat (Team Mate) project. The idea of the project is that players from the Swedish premier division women’s football team from the Piteå Athletic Association (PIF) work part-time to add a magic touch to the lives of the elderly in elderly care in Piteå Municipality. This means that SunPine both sponsors local women’s athletics and at the same time contributes to a good quality of life for the elderly in Piteå in their later years.

Working with sustainability is fun!

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The Sunpine Advantages

For every tree that is cut down two new are planted. Sustainable forest management accounts for 70% of Sweden's landmass.

Not produced from food resources like other biofuels made from cereals, crops, sugar and oil crops.

Our production protects agricultural land and uses sustainable forest management.

Our technology recycle industrial waste from paper pulp factories.

Our technology is the worlds greenest. Reducing emissions by up to 90 %.