Sunpine Stäng

Unfortunately, we are not accepting visitors

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, we have introduced a ban on visits.
“It’s always sad to say no to people who wish to visit our plant, but we have to adapt to the current situation,” says Peter Drugge, acting CEO, SunPine.

From today and until 30 April there is a ban on visitors to SunPine’s plant on Haraholmen in Piteå. Regrettably, this means various types of technical visits may no longer take place.

Peter Drugge, acting CEO, SunPine:
“It is of course sad that we can no longer receive visitors to our world-leading bio-refinery. But just like everyone else, we have to adjust to the prevailing situation and take the actions necessary to safeguard our business.”

“As soon as this situation changes, we will naturally continue to be as accommodating as we possibly can in receiving visitors to tell them about our operation. We regret having been forced to do this, and I hope everyone can understand our position.”

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The Sunpine Advantages

For every tree that is cut down two new are planted. Sustainable forest management accounts for 70% of Sweden's landmass.

Not produced from food resources like other biofuels made from cereals, crops, sugar and oil crops.

Our production protects agricultural land and uses sustainable forest management.

Our technology recycle industrial waste from paper pulp factories.

Our technology is the worlds greenest. Reducing emissions by up to 90 %.