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Technical Manager now acting CEO

Peter Drugge, SunPine’s Technical Manager, is now the acting SunPine CEO.
“In such a fantastic company, this appointment feels really good.”

Magnus Edin is leaving after seven years as SunPine CEO and will take up the position of CEO for Lindbäcks Bygg on 15 January. His position will be filled by current Technical Manager Peter Drugge as acting SunPine CEO.
How does it feel to step into the role as acting CEO for SunPine?
“It’s naturally a position of trust, it’s a fantastic company.”

For the people who don’t know you, what did you do before SunPine?
“I worked in the automotive industry for Gestamp Hardtech in various management positions and I was CEO for three and a half years. I’ve been employed by SunPine as its Technical Manager since 2016, but have been involved in projects at SunPine since 2015. So I know the company well.”

What will be your most important focus moving forward?
“Ensuring ongoing investment and supporting the project. And making sure the management group is able to handle the important work that must be done if everything is to fall properly into place. When the new CEO joins us, he or she will get off to a good start right from day one. I’m confident that we’ll get that job done.”

You’re opening a new office, you’ve built a new laboratory and you’re busy erecting a second plant next to the existing one. Your current investments exceed SEK 400 million – an expansive time to step into a new role…
“Because we have permits in place and such a great, competent organisation from the management group to our various departments, I feel things are in confident hands.”

You will also be recruiting around 10 new employees – electricians, mechanics, process operators and engineers. For the curious, why should they seek employment at SunPine?
“Because this is a fabulous company, I have to say. It’s a young, expanding company and we have a genuine green image. Every day, our work actively helps reduce carbon dioxide emissions. What we do will help the country meet its environmental targets for the future.”

Name: Peter Drugge.
Age: 59
Home: Mörön, Luleå
Family: Wife and three daughters
CV in a nutshell: Technical Manager
Latest news: Stepping in as acting CEO at SunPine

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The Sunpine Advantages

For every tree that is cut down two new are planted. Sustainable forest management accounts for 70% of Sweden's landmass.

Not produced from food resources like other biofuels made from cereals, crops, sugar and oil crops.

Our production protects agricultural land and uses sustainable forest management.

Our technology recycle industrial waste from paper pulp factories.

Our technology is the worlds greenest. Reducing emissions by up to 90 %.