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SunPine boosts its collaboration with Luleå Ice Hockey Club

Luleå Ice Hockey Club’s efforts to promote women’s ice hockey have become international news and part of a TV documentary. Now SunPine is signing a major new sponsorship agreement.
“It’s thanks to companies like SunPine that we’re able to advance women’s ice hockey,” says star hockey forward Emma Nordin.

SunPine – whose tall diesel is marketed by Preem as Preem Evolution Diesel and is Sweden’s only Nordic Swan eco-labelled diesel – has a clear sponsorship policy. When it comes to elite sport, they only sponsor women.

Magnus Edin, SunPine CEO:
“We’re involved with elite sports because we want to give back to the local community in our region. Gender equality is self-evident for us, so we especially want to help achieve fairer conditions for sportswomen. The great economic disparity that exists in sports today is a fundamental flaw in the system.”

Last autumn, the company pulled off a coup when it chose to match UEFA’s Champions League bonus to Swedish Championship winners Piteå IF.

“They received SEK 250,000 from UEFA for qualifying to the champions League. But had men’s team Malmö FF qualified, it would have received SEK 220 million. This is an absurd difference. So, we matched the UEFA bonus with our own SEK 250,000 and challenged others to do the same.”

Today, Swedish women’s Premier league football team Piteå IF has received more than SEK 1 million extra from various sponsors.

In the case of Luleå Ice Hockey Club, Edin has followed their initiative and is impressed:
“You’re doing a great job in the club, which aims to develop women’s ice hockey over the long-term, so we naturally want to support that effort,” says Edin.

Emma Nordin, one of Luleå Ice Hockey Club’s stars:
“Getting this kind of support from a company that shares our values feels fantastic. It’s great that commerce wants to sponsor us.”

Michelle Karvinen, Luleå Ice Hockey Club:
“It’s great to have you as a sponsor on our match jerseys, it makes us so proud. It’s important for us to have this opportunity to develop women’s ice hockey, and it’s important for me, personally.”

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