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SunPine sponsors girls’ jogging

SunPine is sponsoring Tjejjoggen (girls’ jog) which is all set to go on Saturday 16 August in Sjulsmark, Piteå. SunPine and Preem are donating a fuel card (Evolution Diesel) worth SEK 5,000. Everyone who signs up to Tjejjoggen before 3 August takes part in the draw.

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The Sunpine Advantages

For every tree that is cut down two new are planted. Sustainable forest management accounts for 70% of Sweden's landmass.

Not produced from food resources like other biofuels made from cereals, crops, sugar and oil crops.

Our production protects agricultural land and uses sustainable forest management.

Our technology recycle industrial waste from paper pulp factories.

Our technology is the worlds greenest. Reducing emissions by up to 90 %.