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The winner of this year’s SunPine Sustainability Award is Smurfit Kappa

For more than 40 years, Smurfit Kappa has supplied district heating to Piteå Energi. They are now winners of the SunPine’s Sustainability Award:
“Smurfit Kappa focuses on sustainability in an exemplary way,” says Magnus Edin, SunPine CEO and jury chairman.

The idea behind the Sustainability Prize is not only to highlight the good examples here in Piteå, but also to encourage and inspire others to continued sustainability efforts. The award is presented for Sustainability, and to make sure the award itself is sustainable, it highlights a different theme each year, based on the UN global goals in Agenda 2030. SunPine presented its Sustainability Award for the first time in 2018. On that occasion, the award went to Lindbäcks Group, a company rooted in sustainability and which had also distinguished itself regarding Goal 5, Gender Equality.

Now it’s time to present the Sustainability Award for 2019.
Magnus Edin, SunPine CEO:
“This year’s theme focuses on three of the 17 climate goals – Goal 7 Sustainable energy; Goal 11 Sustainable cities and communities, and Goal 12 Sustainable consumption and production.”
“The three nominees this year were all inspiring sustainability role models who each in their own way showed the way ahead towards a sustainable society.”


The winner of this year’s SunPine Sustainability Award is Smurfit Kappa:
Magnus Edin;
“For the past 40 or so years, Smurfit Kappa has enjoyed fantastic development when it comes to energy efficiency and its own sustainable energy supply.
For more than 40 years, Smurfit Kappa has delivered heat to district heating and Pite Energi. Its collaboration with Pite Energi has developed over the years, and the district heating network has grown. More than 3,700 buildings, three indoor pools and a pedestrian precinct in central Piteå are all heated by district heating from Smurfit Kappa.
Smurfit Kappa focuses on sustainability throughout its operations and the company is a true role model. It is in every way a worthy winner of the Sustainability Award.”

The other companies nominated for their exemplary sustainability efforts are:
PiteBo for its energy-saving programme. As early as 2015, PiteBo was able to boast of being among the first 20 housing companies to achieve the Skåne Initiative – the country’s most ambitious energy-saving programme aimed at reducing energy consumption by 20 %. PiteBo continues to work with energy efficiency, including three different collaborations with Luleå University of Technology.”

AlterHedens Rabarberi & Gårdsbutik. Farm shop and producer of delicacies with a focus on sustainable local food products direct from nature’s own pantry. Self-sufficient power supply thanks to solar cells, and makes its own packaging by recycling and shredding corrugated cardboard to replace packaging fillers. Already praised by LRF and Swedbank for its green business methods.”

“All three are important role models for everyone in commerce. It’s important that we all do more to adapt society to more sustainable solutions.
Sustainability is part of our DNA at SunPine, and being able to nominate and highlight such excellent sustainability role models is a great pleasure,” says Magnus Edin, CEO at SunPine.

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