February 18, 2020


Johan Torgerstad to be new HR Manager at SunPine

Johan Torgerstad to be new HR Manager at SunPine.
With his background as a recruiting consultant, he will help the company to grow.
“Building a strong, attractive brand will be important, as competition on the labour market is tough.”

You’re taking over as the new HR Manager at SunPine, what attracted you to the company?
“It’s a modern company that has come at just the right time in a market associated with sustainability, and where its development is clearly world-leading.”

It’s a company that’s focusing Intensely on recruitment right now, so it’s the ‘hot seat’ for you. What do you see as your greatest challenge as HR manager?
“We need to take on around 10 employees, and part of the challenge is maintaining the company culture when new colleagues join us. But we also have to be realists, as there’s tough competition on the labour market right now, so the work with building a strong brand is also a natural part of the challenge. In fact, it’s about attracting the right people to apply for jobs with us.”

You were involved with recruitment at Cesab, in what ways do you feel demands on an employer have changed?
“The brand is increasingly important. The ability to present a plan as to how we can offer a career and how we can help every person at every level in the company develop is also important.”

Okay, so let’s get to grips with that right away then. But why should anyone reading this consider working at SunPine?
“This is a place where individuals can make a real difference and help Sweden achieve its climate goals, as SunPine’s tall diesel reduces up to 90 per cent CO2 compared with fossil diesel. What’s more, it’s a successful company with an established culture; people are close to the decision-makers and have genuine development opportunities.”

Name: Johan Torgerstad.
Age: 49.
Family: Wife Ingela, son 21 and bonus daughter, 18.
Previous hats: Recruitment Consultant, HR Manager, Officer