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Technology and solving problems motivate Andreas

A dynamic workplace. That’s how production technician Andreas Bäckström describes SunPine.
“No two days are alike,” he says.

He enjoys solving problems, especially problems on the technical side. Production technician Andreas Bäckström has been helping to develop SunPine since 2009 – almost 10 years.

Can you tell us in a few words what you do at SunPine.
“I have a fairly broad role. I’m involved a lot in projects, I take part in shutdown planning and day-to-day operations. In practical terms, I often provide technical input in our projects, answer questions from operations and make a lot of proposals for solutions.”

What is it about your job at SunPine that motivates you?
“It’s a job with a lot of variation and one that provides good opportunities for development. I get to work with things I think are rewarding, and I take charge of things pretty much myself. Of course, I’m very technically minded, so I find problem-solving and being involved in developing the plant in various projects rewarding and stimulating.”

How would you describe the work environment?
“Right now, there’s a lot of indoor stuff like sitting in meetings. But from time to time, I’m also out in the plant and work a little more hands-on. Sometimes I’m a bit too desk-bound, but otherwise the working environment is very good.”

And how about the atmosphere among your colleagues?
“There’s a great team spirit in general, I feel. The production management group that I belong to has a great atmosphere and a free-thinking approach.”

If someone who was curious about working at SunPine asked you how things are here, what would you say?
“That it’s a very dynamic workplace. There’s always a lot happening, you can take part in many new investment initiatives and learn about new technologies. No two days are alike! Work is fun.”

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