Production Technichian

Andreas Bäckström

A dynamic workplace. This is how production technician Andreas Bäckström describes SunPine.
– No days are the same, he says.

Andreas Bäckström likes problem solving, especially problems of technical nature. For over a decade, he’s been doing just that while developing SunPine in his role as production technician.

Technology and solving problems motivates Andreas

Can you tell us what you do at SunPine?
My role is fairly broad. I work a lot in projects, I’m part of the daily operations and planned stops. I often give technical input in our projects, answer questions from operations and propose solutions.

What motivates you in your job at SunPine?
That it’s a varied job with great possibilities for development. I get to work with what I think is fun and I get to manage a lot myself. I’m very technical-minded, so problem solving and being a part of developing the plant in different projects is both stimulating and fun.

How would you describe the work environment?
Right now I work a lot indoors and I’m in a lot of meetings. But now and then I also get to be out in the plant and work hands-on. Sometimes it’s a bit too sedentary, but other than that it’s a great work environment.

And what is the culture like among the colleagues?
Overall we have great team spirit. In the production lead team that I’m part of, we have a great vibe and can talk about anything.

If someone was curious about working at SunPine and asked you what it’s like, what would you tell them?
That it’s a very dynamic workplace. There’s a lot going on, you get to be a part of many investments and use new technology. No days are alike! It’s a lot of fun.